Vintage Waves Bridal Hair Ideas

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When I think of a vintage-inspired bride, I instantly imagine her with a retro waves hairstyle. It’s one of my all time favorites and I’m sure that it can be such an alluring option for brides who are looking for some usual updo alternatives.

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Vintage Waves Bridal Hair
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Vintage Wavy Updos

A vintage wavy or curly updo or low updo is always an option if you want a hairstyle that would be picture-perfect during the day and very refined and with a vintage flair at the same time. There are various pin curl updos accented with lovely embellished hairpieces, just choose and enjoy


Vintage Waves

If you prefer just some waves down, the main characteristics of this hairstyle are usually a deep side parting with volume at the roots and brushed out soft curls. What I love the most about this hairdo is that being kinda traditional, it can be versatile and it fits all types and lengths of hair. It’s not that hard to make on your own, especially when we have so many tutorials all over the net, and with a light hairspray you’ll keep your hair intact during the day. Think of accenting your hair with a heavily embellished hairpiece or having a side wavy hairstyle accenting one part of your head with a headpiece. For inspiration look at the gallery below!