Colorful Retro And Minimalist Wedding

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When planning their dream wedding day, Jessica and Shane’s vision was to create a mid-century inspired vibe with a splash of California tiki—and they totally pulled it off. Get prepared to swoon over tear-filled vows in a historic garden, an ice cream stop during couple’s portraits, magical reception decor details, and one of the most lively parties we’ve ever seen! As for wedding decor, the couple chose white for cleanliness and simplicity, wood for texture, palms as a nod to their passion of tiki culture, and gold as an accent. As a last minute decisions, they added some deep reds to the bouquets and boutonnières to balance Shane’s mustard suit (a gorgeous bright suit with a neutral tie!), but really, they weren’t tied to a particular palette. The couple hand-wrote personal thank you cards to each guest that doubled as seating assignments.

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Colorful Retro And Minimalist Wedding
Colorful Retro And Minimalist Wedding

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