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To the Beach Kimono Cover Up

it’s a little ridiculous how long i’ve wanted to do a post like this but haven’t yet! now that i’m living by the beach, i figured it would be fun to share a couple of my favorite beach wear looks. these are two classics that i think are cute over any swimsuit, but also have some versatility to be more than just a swimsuit cover-up.

i love this jcrew dress so much! (and it’s on sale!). not only because a white sun dress is super classic, but i particularly love this one because it’s double layered. a lot of white sun dresses end up being totally see-thru, and that makes me feel like i can’t ever wear them anywhere but the beach where it’s okay if someone sees exactly what i have on under! i could easily throw a denim jacket or sweater over this dress and wear it out too.

this next outfit is (shocker!) super classic too. just the way i like it. the shorts are on sale (yay!) but the crinkle gauze boy stripe shirt is not. i tried to love one of the sale shirts as much as this one but the stripe just got me. i couldn’t pass it up! i know i’ll wear it over and over so i feel okay about it 😉 same with those pink mirror ray ban aviators. i’ve wanted them forEVER so, i finally got em. and i’m in love.

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To the Beach Kimono Cover Up

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